Hi I need a little advice

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5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
Hello I am new to this site I have three hens, who are ex bats. One of them isn't looking too good, she has been moulting for about 6 weeks as she didn't moult in the winter, she has grown some feathers and all of a sudden she seems weaker and a bit hunched could it be coccidosis, I don't know much about this but have just tread the site information. She is two years old and until 6 weeks ago layed an egg each day and didn't moult through the winter. Another factor is that she has been running around with my rabbit who i have now separated from her as he repeatedly pulled her around trying to mate with her. Earlier attmpts to seperate them were unseccesful as he dug under the fence, could he have hurt her. I would welcome any advice, my other two hens are very well and look a picture of health. thank you
It's possible, but so are a lot of other things. Adults do sometimes get cocci, especially if moved to a new home. They will typically have that hunched over look, but they usually don't want to eat or drink, either -- or so I have read; this isn't from my experience. How long have you had them? Have you wormed them?
I haven't yet wormed them, its about three months and they were up to date then. She isn't eating much, being battery hens they were living in an unnatural environment but were vaccinated would that include cocci

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