Hi I'm a new mamber and was told to do that


Jul 15, 2022
The Middle East
My grandfather used to have a commercial layer coop, and turkey farm. When he retired, I placed a small coop in the back yard. I was probably 16 back then, I'm now 22.

I have 11 chickens.
Five leghorns, they're about 3 years old, one old Arab chicken, one leg bar who is also 3, up until a months ago, the legbars were three hens and a cock but, two girls died and the boy was delicious, and four Rhode Island Reds, who are 4 months old.
I used to have about 12 Arab chickens, three of which were male, but time passed and they slowly died or made lunch by my dogs... and a couple Rhode Island whites, and one fluffy chicken that was super fluff and looked like a poodle, he was a cutie.

I like letting them out in the back yard and watch how they eat stuff, and how they come and sit next to me, and I also like their eggs, and the way the shower in sand, so cute.

I grow mushrooms and vegetables. I like walking in the fields with my dogs.

I have two brothers, two parents and one grandfather. I'm a dog trainer, and have two dogs, also I'm aplying to teachers academy. I'm not American BTW.

I found these forums via my little brother, who said my new cock is a girl and shouldn't be called Jupiter, because that's a boy's name.
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