Hi, I'm a new member but I need help with newborn duckling


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Sep 22, 2013
This was my first time hatching anything and I had a Cayuga duckling hatch about 12 hours ago. But I dont know whats wrong with him, he keeps bobbing his head up and down and back and forth, he cant keep his balance or cant stand for very long, and keeps flipping over on his back (at least I think its a he). I'm guess that he's mentally challenged or something and I'm very worried about him:[ Any advice or tips that anybody can give me would be greatly appreciated
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I see you posted in the Ducks section. You'll get good advice there. Good luck with the little guy.
I don't have much experience with ducks, so I can't help you there, but I hope you can find out what is wrong with him!
Hello, i hatch two cayuga ducklings a week ago and what your duck is doing is what mine did and they are healthy and happy now
I have found that when they bob their head like that it usually means they need to drink some water because they have something they need to swallow or something like that. The falling over and not being able to stand for long is normal as well. Your duckling is still weak from hatching and will not be able to stand and walk around a lot until he is a day or so old. So dont worry what ur duck is doing is normal just make sure he was water and give him time
Welcome to BYC. Hopefully you are just dealing with a weakened duckling that has not recovered from the exertion of hatching.
he's in a brooder now, its been over 24 hours and he's still jerking his head up and down and side to side. but it did lessen after i gave him some duckling feed and water i even mixed a little water with the feed. even though he's wobbling and falling over he has made some improvements, he's able to stand longer than before
Hmm im not sure why hes still bobbing his head but if hes improving then thats good. Just keep an eye on him for the next few days and make sure he has plenty of water available. Its still normal for ducklings to be wobbly at this age but by three or four days he should be walking well

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