Hi I'm back looking to get re-connected


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
I have 11 various chickens 1 beautiful Chinese goose and 4 goats. I will also be joining backyard herd. Glad to be back but sad because I lost my job.
from GA. I am so sorry you lost your job.
THis is an awesome place to be. You will learn alot and laugh alot. Everyone on here is very helpful and nice. BYH is the same way. I belong to both. I have 3 goats. Really think you will love it here and become an addict.
Thanks for the support and Welcome. I have two nine week ols nubian males and two female brush goats over a year old. Want them to mate and make goat cheese, crazy or what?
I live in Saint Augustine, Fl not retired wish I was. Trying to brain-storm on a farm-type or not business to start hard to get a job or loan at 58. My husband is 62 and he got laid off at the same time Jan. I am still stuck in stage one "bitterness" is putting it mildly.

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