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    Oct 11, 2015
    Hi there, so I'm in the city, North Hollywood, Ca and a few days ago the most random thing happened to me....I found a beautiful auburn colored chicken in my walkway!
    I don't know if anyone keeps chickens in their back yards but someone must be, but I dont know where she came from. My husband and I wanted to keep her a few days to see if anyone would come around looking or had signs up, but nothing. We have her in a giant dog crate and take her outside several times during the day to scratch and dig, bought laying pellets, scratch and the oyster shell and also give her veggies and fruit every so often. When we first went to catch her she wasn't scared of us and just let us put her in the crate. She also lets us pet her and is generally friendly which makes us think she has had a lot of exposure to people. I only am down here on some business and heading back to Lower Lake and was thinking of keeping her - she's laid 3 eggs so far, but I havent been able to found out if where I live is zoned for chickens...... I would have to get a coop for the backyard, etc but dont know if I'm getting myself into more than I can handle, if I should keep her or find her a home or take her to a rescue. Any suggestions would be great, and please let me know if Im feeding her correctly!
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    The Learning Center is going to be a good place to find the answers to some of your questions:
    Those are just a few of the helpful articles you'll find there.

    One thing to keep in mind, chickens are flock animals and are generally happier with others of their kind. If you're going to keep her, you should think about adding a couple more to keep her company. Some people do keep "house chickens" but if you plan on her living outside in a coop, she needs to be part of a flock (even a small one).
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    It's karma, you are meant to have her - please keep her. Sounds like you already like each other.

    You know a lot of folks are keeping house chickens. There is a great thread called "people with house chickens," if you would like to know how it is done. One hen isn't much trouble or noise - it's not like having a rooster. You could still keep her in the large crate with water and feed while you are away. And let her out for a break when you are back home.

    Okay I am ashamed of myself - I sound like a little kid convincing you to keep the stray dog they dragged home.
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    @drumstick diva , lol, you are such an enabler! [​IMG]
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    Hello :frow and welcome to BYC!
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    I think you should keep her and get another to keep her company. Also you might want to get her checked out by a vet to make sure she is a- okay. I hope this helps!!
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Welcome to the BYC flock! We are glad you joined us!


    You might want to try and find out if you are zoned for chickens before you go through the expense of building a coop. Otherwise, if you are not worried about the expense, I guess you could always try keeping her (inside or outside) and seeing how it goes with your neighbors and/or city managers.
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    Go to your state thread, You will find a lot of good answers there.
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    You can call city hall and find out if chickens are legal in North Hollywood. If it is legal you're now a chicken addict.[​IMG]

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