Hi!! I'm new!!!


Aug 1, 2016
Hanover PA
Steph from Hanover PA here. New to the group and the whole forum thing..... I have a small family of 4, 2 Great Danes, a small flock of chickens Black Giants and silkies this year and I am proud to announce we have two peachicks one was a successful incubation hatch my second egg was not but out other peachicks is from our breeder it hatches 3 days after ours. We have a purple black sholder and a blue black sholder still do not know the sex.
Hi and welcome to BYC! Thanks for joining us!
Hi and welcome to our community- make yourself at home here with us.

Best wishes
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined the flock and congrats on the peachick hatch!
Thanks everyone!!!!! Like I said I'm new to the whole fourm thing so I have to get the hang of it! I have come hear for quite sometime to look for answeres but never interacted!im wondering how to post pics. I would love some feed back on my peachicks as far a sexing them, thanks!!!!

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