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Dec 16, 2020
I am trying to set up a Family Farm in Northeast Florida. I have decided to start with Chickens. I do not have any at this time and my goal is to bring in different bloodlines of The RIR and the same with the RIW. This may seem a bit of overdue, but I am looking to buy from 12 different bloodlines of Heritage for each color. That would be 6 different bloodlines for the Red Hens and 6 completely different bloodlines for the Roosters, and the same for the White. The purpose is so down the road, the family can prevent inbreeding for at 60 mixes for each color, and a total of approx 900 mixes between the White and the Red. We will be using these chickens for meat and Eggs. If anyone knows an easy way to find breeders close around that I can have them shipped as I need them, I would appreciate a list. Thank You.

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