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    Sep 15, 2010
    I'm new to the site and have only been raising chickens since April 2010, I did grow up with both sets of grandparents raising chickens for food, eggs and pets. So far eggs and pets yes not yet into the food idea because I love every single one that I have. I'm located in Ala close to Pell City, if anyone knows where that is. My questions is does anyone know where to get EE in this area, I already have a guy I get my RIR's from (local very local and great guy) I try to keep things as local as possible, but have been reading all your comments about Cackle, Sandhill and a few more. I do know not crazy about Murray(sp?) Thanks for any help. Oh sorry as of right now I have Dutch bantam, Japanese bantam, RIR's and a goat name "Bob" not to forget my English bulldog "Toby". My bannies were all given to me by a friends grandfather, my son bought the RIR's from our local guy that has fantastic looking birds. Oh I did forget my 2 Dominick's I snuck them in. This website is great
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    Welcome! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC and I sent you a pm about our Easter Eggers. Nancy
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    Eaton, Colorado
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    [​IMG] you are very close to me...I am in shoal creek too.. think you are the other side by the water. cross over 231 and thats where I am about a mile down the road
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    Sep 15, 2010
    Yea I know that road well by now, I turn on 231 going to Pell City becauser usually when I got I stop at [email protected] feedstore to pick up my chicken and goat feed. 2nd Ex buys my dog food as well share my bulldog, well he stays with me but that's still his daddy now I have my grandsons weenie dog that his granddaddy gave him for his 10th birtday in March before he died in June. Are you on the right side of the road or left? You actually live a mile or two closer to me than Mike, and yes I'm at the other end, about 1/4 mile pass what use to be Outback general store, take a right onto Reed Road and I'm down almost to end of the road before circle and before swinging right onto Hogan that they put in a few years ago....I remember when it was on 3 places out here, this one and two others, now it's like grand central station,

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    Welcome from Oregon!

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