Hi, my name is Mary and I have been learning from this site for 5 years, love it!!

Mary Jackson

In the Brooder
Oct 26, 2020
So, thank you chicken people for posting about so many things, so that I could come and find answers anytime I needed it. Then today, while I was searching for a topic about winter, I thought why not just join and post. So, here I am. Raising chickens for me has been about something deep. First my son had an intestinal disease and it was recommended he eat an egg every morning for the amino acids. Then it was about independence and learning something new. My husband grew up around animals on a farm and has no strong attachment to birds when they pass, but I am very sensitive to all my babies. Therefore, some of the things I have done to help one of the Hens, has seamed insane to him but I’ve learned and I’ve grown and in the process of learning I’ve also learned to let go, knowing now I can’t control everything but everything I can do to help my chickens I will do. So, now I have all together, 17 chickens and just moved them all to a new town with me, which was a learning process all by itself. I don’t have the set up I want or had back in my other house. So, it’s been like starting over in some ways. I’m so glad you all are here and understand how much one can care.

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