hi new and can use so help

dam danny

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Nov 4, 2012
sylvester georgia
hi new there could use so advice I have had chickens before had no prob.getting them to lay . had to do away with them cuss the bobcat here see some of them were pets ya my crazy *** could get that close to realy pet them now that eggs are going up the wife said start back with chickens so I bilt a coop bobcat proof and snake proof cuss she is not like me with the wild first sign of wild and that one less pet for me I have to kill it for her . here`s the theng put in chickens 3 weekend ago and thay are not laying got 3 rirs 2 easter eggers 1 roooster thir all the right age to lay . ps we live in south west georgia . thinking about adding a light to the roost and thir eating laying mash . only theng that I can come up with is not enough day light or moating or new to the coop
and welcome to the flock from NC. Chickens mature at different rates so it could be that they are close to the laying but just not quite there yet. I have 3 (different breeds) all hatched at the same time and 1 has been laying for about 2 weeks now, nearly every day. One of the others is interested in the best but that is as close as she gets, the other one could care a less about the nest or eggs in general. You could be right though about the light issue and the molting if you are seeing a lot of feathers floating around. Maybe someone else will be able to give you some solid advice. Good luck...
thanks whent out right after I posted here put in a light and bilt new nesting box had only one on the ground but I made one that`s 30 inchs off the ground with 3 12x12 boxs and a roost that takes them up to it romeo gave me his crow of approval he`s my rooster love his littel mating dance he drops his wing and stomps his feet in ring
Greetings from Kansas and
! Happy you joined our community! Best of luck to you!

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