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10 Years
Mar 12, 2009
hi all this is my first time raising chickens well im not raising them yet cause i wanted some advice first. im 13yrs old and im in middle school.i obviosly live with my parents. also i have a brother that lives a very shot distance away. he has 2 cildren under 3 yrs old and they visit a lot so i have to keep them in mind. i did research and was thinking about the buff orpington. im not sure whether t "buff" part is just the color or if it actually matters in tempermant. i was looking at those because they supposedly have good temperment, cant fly, and lay ok. my brother and i were talking about this and thougt that mabe 2 or 3 hens would be a reasonable number. I was also wondering about climate. would they be ok for our winters. when should i and where could i get these chickens. would it be best to get them a chicks or eggs and hatch them myself? how would i hatch them at home if i choose that way? what do i have to feed them as chicks and as adults? is there any specific time to feed them. like i said im in school so i leave at 7:30 and get home at 6:00 because of sports. i go away on weekends alot and i was wonderin what i should do if my brother isnt around to look after them. should i insulate their coop for the winter? for the people who wanted to know where i am im in wyoming county. any suggestions or comments or anything helpful would be nice thank you. just no comments on grammer plz;)
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