Hi, new hatchling here from NJ


Sep 26, 2019
I'm a new member but a long time fan of this resource. If course I've joined up now because I've got a serious bumble foot issue that I'll have to post in the proper thread (assuming) anyway...
Let's see about me... I'm currently the care taker of the animals here on a small homestead in New Jersey. A coupla horses, some ducks and a flock of 40ish chickens (reds and australorps) I fell into this helping a friend out who helped me out when my life hit the proverbial fan. Before that I was in small animal vet med as a tech for longer then I'll admit too lol
Just dogs n cats and some wildlife thrown in for good measure.
Zero any birds or large animal experience and of course now I'm surrounded by birds!
So here I am seeking to glean knowledge and advice from you guys to help me provide a better and healthier quaily of life for this flock.
That's it for now I'm off the find the bumble foot thread and start picking, or maybe its pecking, your brains.
Thanks for having me, enjoy the day.
If I should be posting by chickens problem right here please let this hatchling know
NEW JERSEY IN THE COOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!:celebrate:ya:woot:wee
Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
Good luck treating the bumble foot. I know you'll need to start with a good soak in a warm Epsom salt bath. The need for surgery will depend on severity.
Have you heard of Tricide-neo?

I have and did some reading about it, its amoung the many other suggested things to try I need to read up on. It sounds good plus I've got koi so I might give that a go. Tomorrow, lol Today, I'm going on the hunt for "Prid" and score some Epsom salt.
By the end of this I may not even know what method worked lol

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