Hi! New to chicken tending in OK.


Jun 17, 2022
Hello all!
I’m brand new to this chicken thing. It’s been a blast so far. 😂
We are a homeschool family (4 kids). I’m trying to have a mini farm in the middle of Tulsa with mixed success. But getting there!! Other than that and the 100 home improvement projects I have going I paint murals and I’m just getting into digital art.
This year we added 7 chicks to our home. 2 barred Plymouth Rock, 2 buff Orpington, and 3 Easter Eggers (got a bonus in our order.)
Hoping they are all pullets as ordered. But they are only 3-4 weeks. So we shall see.
Everyone in the house got to name 1 chick. Then the surprise 7th was a joint decision. Here are Quackity, Azura, Chicken, MC, Extra, Nugget, and Rainbow Heart Glitter.
I'm willing to bet you are the only BYC member with a chicken named Rainbow Glitter Heart :lau! Sounds like you have some creative (and cute!) chicken-namers at your house.

You're starting with three great breeds and the potential for some very pretty baskets of eggs.

Best wishes with your flock, and good luck with your "100 home improvement projects." After years of living on my acreage, the truth is that no matter how many projects you complete, more will always pop up on the list. The good news: you will always have the opportunity to experience a feeling of accomplishment -- or at least the chance to learn what doesn't work!

Welcome to BYC!

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