Hi, new to chicks


6 Years
Sep 26, 2013
Hi, nice to meet u all.. I have just entered the world of chicken, I have 5 Isa brown chicks that are now one week old and I love them!!
One of the chicks had developed dark grass seed like colour and shape through her neck, there are small fluffy feathers on the end so I'm wondering if this is what happens when feathers come through? Also the same chick can now fly out of the 94L big plastic tub I'm using as a brooder, usually she perches on the edge but this morning woke me with the noise of having flown out and sitting in the floor, I'm worried this could happen while I'm out and she could be out from the heat lamp for hours.. Any ideas? Perhaps chicken wire over the box? There is a 100w heat lamp sitting over it so have the heat and fire hazard concern. Thanks I look forward to learning from your experience :)
Welcome to BYC!
In chick terms, one week old chicks need more heat than 4 week olds. So you don't want her roaming around on the floor. and getting chilled. I wouldn't expect her to figure out where she came from and fly back inside. Put a wire top on the brooder. Good luck with your chicks.
Thanks, I will definitely put wire over the brooder. Gosh I hope I don't have a boy as I can't keep one in suburbia, I got chicks from a hatchery who say they sex them so fingers crossed!!

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