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10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
I love this forum! I had chickens (Sex Link), rabbits, and a horse growing up, and I was in 4-H & then FFA. I'm tired of eating store bought eggs, I like to share, I love animals, so I decided to take the plunge and buy some chickens.

I've ordered some Speckled Sussex (16 female/4 male) and RIR (4 female/1 male) from McMurray; they won't be sending them until May 25th, so in the meantime I can continue preparing for their arrival. As you know, I had to order at least 25 (I don't need that many), so I was thinking I could perhaps pair up the roosters & hens for some local 4-H kids so they could show them next year.

I live 50 miles south of Disney World in a small town that (lucky for me!) allows chickens. I found the city ordinances online, and I just can't let my poultry house get stinky or allow my chickens to play their boomboxes too loud

I live with my DH, my two dogs, and my two cats. We don't have children, so I'm really looking forward to my new fuzzy babies.

Right now, I officiate high school volleyball in the fall and volunteer at Junior, LPGA, and PGA golf tournaments throughout the year (yep, LOTS of golf in FL!
). I'm also finally taking golf lessons and have joined our local women's golf association. We get together once a week to play.

I'll be sure to post pics in May of my chicks; in the meantime, I'll continue to grow in my chicken knowledge, thanks to you guys!

Welcome Fellow Floridian!!

You will find lots of friendly folks here ready to help out if you need it. Check out the "Chickenstocks, Shows & Swaps" There are a couple of swaps planned for the next couple of weekends!


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