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HI THERE! I'M a new chicken enthusiast

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by fleurdujour, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. fleurdujour

    fleurdujour In the Brooder

    May 13, 2010
    Hi from SW New Hampshire. This is the first year I have had chickens and so far, so good. However, I have 4 roos. I have 9 hens. Will the roos live together or will they kill each other? (as I have been told). I like all of them, 1 is a bantam roo and he does not make a peep, 2 are NHR (I think) and they ruffle their feathers at each other, but that is it. They have always been together. The fourth I think is and EE predominantly black with a gold and black collar and gold and white streaks thru body. Tail feathers are mostly black and look irredescint (sp) green in sun. Do most of you have multiple roos?
  2. TipsyDog

    TipsyDog Songster

    May 14, 2009
    Aregua, Paraguay
    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from PA! I don't have any roos - DH needs his beauty sleep. [​IMG] Even if your roos do get along, I feel sorry for your hens! Poor girls will be abused. [​IMG]
  3. Catstar68

    Catstar68 Songster

    Sep 7, 2009
    Franklinton, NC

    from sweltering North-Central NC
  4. [​IMG] from California. Four roosters for nine hens is too many. You can wait until they set up their pecking order to see if they get along but they will be after the hens all the time. Sorry. If I were you, I'd get it down to one or two at the most. Best of luck! [​IMG]
  5. fleurdujour

    fleurdujour In the Brooder

    May 13, 2010
    Ok Thanks, I will narrow down my roos! Thanks for the advise....
  6. Heidi

    Heidi Songster

    Mar 18, 2007
    Northwest Michigan
    Welcome! I have 2 roo's, but they are in separate pens w/ 2 sets of fencing between them. [​IMG]

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