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Jul 19, 2016
Hi! I'm new to raising chickens and I have four 3 week old chicks who are a Pekin, Opington, Black Polish and a Silkie (at least I think that's what they are but I could be wrong!) and I was wondering how early on I can start sexing them? Any help would be most welcome!
Polish and Silkies are often difficult to sex, especially Silkies. Polish cockerels will get a spikey top knot whereas the girls will be a more even, rounded 'boof'. Silkies you often have to wait until they crow or lay! My Orpington boys sprouted wattles and combs at 19 days old but it depends on the strain. Orpington pullets will barely have any comb, and it will be flesh coloured or light pink until they are older and their wattles will stay small and don't drop until they are nearing laying age. Your Pekin will let you know if it's going to be a boy or girl by 6 weeks old. Boys sprout very pink combs and wattles by then. Girls don't start growing a comb or wattles until 10-12 weeks old and it's more flesh coloured. There are specific breed threads where you can post pictures if you're unsure and have people familiar with that specific breed give their opinion, just check by the dates if they are still active. Or you can post photos on this forum and people will chime in. Good luck and hope that helps.
I agree.
Wow thank you so much for the help! I think my Orpington and Pekin both might be boys.... But I'll just have to see!
If pictures help then here they are:
Here's my Pekin

And my Orpington

The little black Polish

And the Silkie
They are very young, but the only one that gives me cockerel vibes is the the Orpington. Speaking of the Orpington, I doubt it is pure because it looks like it has a beard and muffs and has grey legs.

Thank you!! Ahh I was hoping for the Orpington to be a pullet but....well you can't have everything! What do you reckon the Orpington is crossed with?

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