hi there !


Jun 8, 2020
hello ! I am somewhat new to raising chickens and now ducks, having moved to colorado almost 5 years ago. i have had my chickens for 2 or 3 years, just started with ducks last year. I do let them free range on the rural property we live on, so i have lost a few. I currently have 7 hens and 5 ducks. I am not sure of breeds, most were bought at the local tractor supply. I love raising them mostly because they are fun to watch, and I like getting the eggs (the birds themselves will never find themselves on the dinner table.) I worked in schools for many years, basically retired 2 years ago to take care of my grandkids and to get this well worn body some medical attention. One of my activities during the day is to try to find where my girls are currently laying their eggs lol. I am also waiting to see if my 4 new ducks are male or female (kind of hoping for at least a couple more girls to go with the one i've had since last year.) The ducks are white, look a lot like the pictures of pekins i have seen. they are getting some yellow chest feathers which i find curious. Enough babbling, i love seeing all the questions, answers, and pictures here !

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