Hi! What a wonderful Website!!!


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Greetings Everyone! So glad to have found this wonderful website! I have a little abandoned bantam chick- its not too well- and am hoping for lots of help and advice- I'd love this chick to grow up into a healthy pecking noisy chicken!
from Michigan. Hope all is well with your little bantie! Does it have a friend. If not, even a stufted animal it could cuddle with will help. IS it warm enuff? Depending on how old it is 75 - 80 degrees will be fine. Otherwise hope its grows into a healthy chicken:)
Welcome Tita! We are sooo happy you joined us!

Baby chicks are so fragile, and being by itself is even more stressing....cristy17 is right, try a stuffed animal.

I think you will find more members that can help you out (and quicker) by placing a post in the emergency area. There is a little sticky that will give some suggestions on what to explain to the other members, like, how old is this chick?, what are you feeding it?, etc. We would LOVE to try to help you with this sweet baby!!!

Thank you for joining!!!!


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