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Granny Bs Brood

7 Years
Jun 4, 2012
My mother-in-law (age 77) purchased a home on 2-1/2 acres last April and it came with 8 laying hens. So here we are raising chickens and eating fresh eggs...learning as we go.

The back 2 acres is fenced and the coop was here when she moved in. Last summer a neighbor's dog down the road jumped the fence and killed all the chickens. So we moved the coop to protect it from the north wind, and built a run to protect chickens from predators. Then, a couple of months ago, we got on Craig's List and found a new brood of chickens. A family moving had 14 layers and a rooster. So we brought them home.

We were told they were gathering about a dozen eggs a day. They were laying like that the first several weeks they were here, but the last couple of weeks we are only getting around 5 eggs a day.

We live in Texas, just south of Fort Worth. We lost an older hen several weeks ago and added 3 pullets to the flock.

Any ideas as to why they aren't laying would be appreciated. Also, is there a way to find out who is laying and who is not?

Our flock consists of 2 black Astrolorpes, 9 Rhode Island Reds, and 5 Barred Rocks. The rooster is black, not sure the breed, maybe Astrolorpe also.

We are looking for plans to build another coop to add 4 chicks we have been raising for the past couple of months in town at our house.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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