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Jun 2, 2020
Thank you for allowing me to join this community. I (former city gal) and my husband (long time country boy) are not new to the country, we have been here since 1979, but this is our first time to try our hand at having chickens with a coop and chicken yard. He, hubby, was raised with yard chicks although a VERY long time ago. So, I'll just say we are virtually "new" to the whole process. We started with 5, then added 5 more and I think that's about where we will stop for now. I can't tell you the breeds, cause I don't know. But I do know we already have a Jim Bob, Henrietta, Honey and Dovie amongst others to be named. Our coop is a typical country coop and chicken yard...old style, but nice and roomy and very chicken oriented. The chickens are laying nicely for us. They go inside the yard around 7pm and we close them up in their roost near dark. We open the roost to the yard around daylight and open the yard gate around noon. Forgive me while I learn more about these wonderful creatures. I do have a question, however...Under normal circumstances, If we were going to be away for a day, we would get a family member to come and feed, water and open and close...but what does everyone do when you are going to be gone for a week or two? Just wondering. We will figure it out...maybe by counting how many friends we still have LOL but just wondering what options we may not have thought of yet or even if there are options.

We are around the 70 year old mark and although we are not frequent travelers, but like most, would like that option occasionally.

On another note, my husband is a Baptist minister of a small congregation, a retired pipefitting instructor and former construction worker. Me on the other hand hung my hat in the deaf education field and retired after 31 years in 2015. I have lots to keep me busy. My other interests are: flower gardening, heirloom sewing (smocking/embroideries), quilting/sewing (made my share of masks for our recent Covid situation), and cake/cook decorating. Needless to say, we are not wanting for things to do. I grew up in Baton Rouge and we moved here near my husband's family in 1979. I LOVE my country life...although we do not have the full farm experience, we have a beautiful property that allows us to have a large pond/lake and of course room for the chickens. I especially love the eggs and the rooster crowing. All the chickens get let out early from their roost to their yard and somewhere around noon they have the luxury of roaming the grounds outside the gate :D There's plenty of acres, both cleared and wooded, so that gives us the feel of a farm without being a full-fledged farm that we could not handle. I have other questions and will try to put them in the appropriate places. Again....thanks for being here and letting us take part!
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Feb 2, 2017
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Wow, with all that talent, our group of chicken lovers, will enjoy hearing your experience!​

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