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Jun 7, 2020
My name is Cernnus and i'm a new member, i was currently gifted my first chicken, it was a "gift" for my newborn but i will take care of it, i still don't know the gender of this chicken, i'ts the only one i have and idk what breed is it yet, i was hoping to find out here, it was meant for me to make it grow and eat it once the time comes but i am willing to take good care of it and have it as a friend for me and so my baby can learn how is the convivence with animals, i currently live with my husband and my baby, we have a cat (that is has adapted very well to the chicken, they even sleep together sometimes), and 6 rats, i'm administrative asisstant working really close to my home so i go and come by foot and can attend any emergency on my house really fast, i'm found this community cause i wanted to know how to raise my chicken to be a happy one and in my country people dont keep chickens as pets or companions, so im very glad to be here!

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