Michele Carney

Dec 12, 2020
I’ve had 11 ducks for the last year 3 males 8 females. they are Pekin, Blue Swede, Black Swede and Mallards. We also have 2 dogs. I have one pekin that became lame, preferred to be facing corners and in the house. He had black spots on his feet and his nails were really soft so I brought to the garage and put him in a kennel. I did some research and started giving him VetRx in his water. That helped some but he still didn’t seem right so I did some more research and decided to get him baytril And probiotics. He’s now doing much better and I will be putting him back in the pen today to see how he does. He’s been trying to escape the kennel the last couple of days so I believe he’s ready to be back with his family. im hoping to learn more and chat with people.

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