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Jul 16, 2021
I've had chickens in the past, but raising new chicks, currently. I have a straight run of variety bantam cochins, which I got first. I think I've got about half pullets, and half cockerels. They are a month and a half old, now. Also recently purchased 3 standard silver-laced wyandotte hens, but all survived the mail order, so I actually have 5! They seem very robust, so pretty sure I'll have five hens. I'm not a know-it-all with regard to chickens, and these varieties are new to me, so I'm sure I will have questions.


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Welcome to BYC, where a lot of friendly, smart people are willing to share experiences with you and offer guidance and support.

How are those Cochin Bantam boys doing? I got three straight run this spring, and two -- of course -- are roos. Pauly is clearly in charge, constantly crowing; Billy NEVER says a word, no doubt because of his domineering "brother." And, yesterday, Pauly was either flirting or arguing through the fencing with a Much Larger Maran hen. He has no idea how small he is.

Clearly, Pauly -- who is still in the "teenage pen" -- thinks he's in charge of the flock. Which is why he and Sir Henry the Loud, a very confident and mature Iowa Blue, will NEVER be allowed in the same space.

Wyandottes are beautiful and sweet birds. Congrats on your new flock!

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