6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I am new to being a backyard chicken owner! We have 6 chicks - 2-easter eggers; 1-cuckoo maran; 1-welsummer and 2-barred plymouth rocks. I have found this site so helpful! However, my husband and I are struggling to sort through all the great ideas and pick what is right for us. Since we have never done this, knowing what's right is our dilemna.
We are starting to build our coop. We are pretty confidant with the design of the coop and run. What we can't figure out is the water system to use - we would have to manually fill it, and the feed system. Do you only have the water and food inside the coop? Do you have it outside as well? Any suggestions would be great - the pros and cons of what people have used. We live in NYS and have cold temps. The last 2 nights its been about 25-30 degrees - so freezing water will become an issue.
Thanks again for the great resource!!
I look forward to reading and sharing with the backyard chicken community.
i use an out door electric heated dog dish for water in winter. its fairly large holds about a gallon of water. i also use 10 pound feeder for food. i keep food water in the run area which is fine it is covered and dry. it keeps the coop cleaner just make sure the food doesnt get wet or it will turn to sludge.
Greetings from Kansas, aunttam, and
! Pleased to have you in our community! I keep feed and water outside the coop - just that much less mess. The only time I put it in is when is when there is a blizzard or something - the chickens won't even leave the coop during those days. Good luck to you!
Thank you both for taking the time to give me some feedback. We are putting a roof over the run, too. It sounds like we will be good to keep it outside.

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