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Apr 23, 2014
I just got my first 2 chicks: a barred rock and an araucana. They seem to be doing well in their brooder.

I was going to get a new $200. coop on Saturday, when they go on sale, but I see a used one on Craig's List that looks okay: not as pretty, but larger. They're asking $150. obo. It comes with one hen. Ad says the neighbor dogs killed all the other chickens.

What do you think about getting a used coop? What should I look for?

Also, I'm concerned that the hen might have parasites or that hen and chicks might not get along, when they're old enough to be together.

Here's my babies. They haven't told me their names yet, but I think the brown one is going to be Clover.
Welcome to BYC!

In my humble opinion, it is not worth saving $50 and getting a coop full of mites, lice and possibly all kinds of bacteria's and diseases. I am pretty paranoid about these things. LOL But I have had some sick chickens with bacteria's that make them carriers for life. So my suggestion to you is to start with a brand spanking new coop. Go the extra mile and keep your new babies healthy.

Enjoy your new chicks and welcome to BYC!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Everything TwoCrows says is true, you would need to be extremely careful, look everything over really well and probably worm and treat the old hen for parasites just to be on the safe side. It would also take quite awhile until your chicks are old and big enough to put with the new hen.
But ...... How much bigger is the used coop, what kind of shape is it in, have you seen a picture of it? One concern I would have is that the $200 new coop is going to be too small even for 2 hens if it is one of those prefab kits...and what is the weather like where you are, they usually are not something you want to keep chickens in over the winter.
You do have time to quarantine the old hen while your chicks are growing and to clean and disinfect the coop...
Welcome! I just joined today too:) I totally agree with two crows also. Be cautious about the place where your chicks are going to be living. If you like it and feel good about it then they will too.

Enjoy BYC!! It's a WONDERFUL place.

Thanks, Two crows. I'm sure you're right.
Your black chickens are very pretty.
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The pre-fab is pretty small. My husband is thinking about making one; maybe that's the best route. They will need heat in the winter, though we may move them into the garage or shed for winter.
Thanks everyone. Very helpful.

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