Hiccups come and go - should I quarantine?

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    Yesterday morning, one of my 9-month old BRs was loudly hiccuping. I kept an eye on her and by afternoon, she'd quit and was fine.

    This morning, she's hiccuping again. She has no nasal discharge, is eating well and acting fine.

    My first thought was gapeworm - but after researching it, I've read that gapeworm really isn't all that common. I've had other chickens with occasional hiccups - which went away after a while and didn't return.

    Should I quarantine her? Our chickens free range all day and have had no health issues whatsoever.

    Thanks for any help with this...

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    Check for worms. I have seen that with worms. However, I don't understand why it should happen with worms. So there is the possibility there was another cause of it, and occurred at the same time as the worm infestation.
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