Hidden Nest? Question about my rogue Ameracauna.


8 Years
Nov 28, 2011
Carver, Oregon
So, we've had these girls just over a week and only our Jersey Giant is laying. I've accepted that the rest will lay when they are relaxed enough to feel at home. Well, three out of the last four days, we've come home to find our Ameracauna outside the chicken run. She wants back in the run and let's us pick her up to put her back in. I've heard sometimes Ameracaunas will hide their nests. Is this a plausible reason for her escapes or is she just being adventuresome?
Many breeds of chickens like to 'free range' and hide their nest if at all possible. I would try to find the escape route first. I don't think it is the only reason she is getting out. Finding bug, seeds, grass, and other edibles would be other reasons. She could be doing all of the above plus other things (adventurous be one).
She's got us stumped! The only way I think she could get out is over the top. Her wings are clipped and none of the others seem to even want to try to get out (they have lots of space....especially considering there are only six chickens and a duck in the run). DH and I think she may be climbing on top of the water dispenser and flapping just enough to get out, but, then she can't get back in. I'm half tempted to put a stepping stool on the outside so she can let herself back in! I really don't care that she lays outside the pen; I just want to know where to get my beautiful eggs!
If you have checked under every possible and impossible nesting spot in the yard, around the house, and around the yard perimeter. Then you will just have to watch and see. I have had hens travel 20+feet out of my yard to find a place they like best to nest. If you don't see where she is coming and going, it will be nearly impossible to find. But, keep a good eye out, you would be surprised how well a nest, even with all white eggs, can hide even "right under your nose". I have found a many nest and eggs right under my house.
maybe it's time to put a top on your run

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