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    Mar 31, 2012
    Western NY
    I am having an issue here with my chickens who started laying in August. NO eggs lately!
    Atleast alot fewer eggs which I attributed to the lack of sunlight and colder, shorter days.......
    My RIR was acting all 'funny' under the front porch......I sat and watched her for awhile, it looked like she was building a nest. She was way in to ther front, in a corner, very secluded, but I was able to see between the floorboards ......~2 EGGS!!! Now she's out eating and free ranging......I guess for a few days there will be no free ranging until her eggs a laid in the nest box! Does anyone have any other ideas on how to stop a chicken from laying the eggs anywhere but in the nest box?? ~Beulah

    ps...I rescued the eggs with the swimming pool wand and a spoon duct taped to the end....
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  2. aoxa

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    Just collect the eggs every day that way ;)
  3. loveallanimals

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    Nov 13, 2012
    Try putting a few golf balls in the nest box and put her on them.

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