*Hides* I can't tell the difference between our eggs and store eggs..


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Lincoln, Nebraska
They taste the same. I'm not a smoker or anything and I think my taste buds work fine generally. It's fine I'm glad to not be buying eggs anymore but I feel a little let down after all the hype. Oh well.
what are you feeding them. Do they get to go outside. Have you tried cooking your egg and a store egg and do a side by side taste test. Are your yolk really dark yellow?

I know I probably couldn't tell if I didn't do the side by side test but then I defintely could. Also the firmness of the yolk and color should be obvious though that doesn't mean you taste it.
I notice a big difference in shell quality, firmness of the white, size and color of yolk, and flavor.
My summer eggs (pastured) are WAY better than my winter eggs (mainly chicken feed).
Maybe you were already buying GOOD eggs
Oh well. I guess everyone's tastebuds are different! Enjoy your eggs and chickens
Yeah, if you were already buying the "good" eggs, you may not notice much of a difference.

I didn't notice much difference at first, but then we had way too many eggs collected, so my husband scrambled up a whole pile of eggs (about a dozen) one day and we ate them with nothing else. I asked him if he had put cheese in the eggs and he said he had not. That's when I noticed the difference.

My chickens free range all day and they love to eat bugs. I give them table scraps all throughout the day, too. They also have their crumble available to them inside the coop at all times.

It does depend on what they're eating.

The flavor of the eggs for me changed when I started to feed lots of greens from my garden. Mine can not free range so that was my only option. The feed really matters. I plant a fall crop of tendergreen mustard for them and I can cut for weeks. Then there is the rutabaga greens later. In the winter, I buy large bags of marked down spinach or turnip greens for them. They love it and the eggs do too. They do not like kale or collards. The lettuces don't hold up as well. Good luck with your egg treats. Gloria Jean
The egg yoke color on mine varies. Some are darker, and some lighter. But I do notice a difference in taste. They also cook different too. Much better !!!

I feed mine only healthy stuff. No breads, or fatty foods. They have their chicken feed avaialble at all times too. They love kale, cabbage, melon, strawberries, etc.

Enjoy your eggs!
Mine LOOK totally different, even before tasting. Mixed in with something, I don't taste a difference. But just fried or scrambled, I think it's quite noticeable. Don't get me wrong, I'll still order eggs when I eat out for breakfast, and I like them okay, but they're a mere shadow of the eggs I fix at home.
We mostly just fry eggs. The yolks are much more vibrant and the shells are insanely hard compared to the store bought eggs which practically crumble in your hands when you crack them. They get veggie scraps, oats, and Purina Layena. I can't have them free range in our yard yet we are still working on fencing it. Plus we have very bold hawks. I have a picture of one sitting on my bird bath and I live right in the middle of a city of 250,000 people. I have another picture of a hawk eating a pigeon across the street.

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