Hiding eggs? and behaviour?

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    May 29, 2013
    Hello Everyone,

    My brother's cockerel, is pecking my sister's hen... I don't like it at all,
    All of the chickens has gone past the pecking order apart from I suppose that my sisters chicken is more of wanting to lay on her eggs.
    The thing I find really worried is if my sisters might die by being pecked at so many times (it can happen)
    Can you let me know why he's doing it.
    (They were born together and he is pulling her feathers that are under her beak and on top of her head)

    Hiding eggs:
    My hens are starting to lay eggs, apart from they are hiding them and the cockerel keeps moving around his feet to the hay (scraping the hay about) I don't understand why he has chosen to do this?
    I really want to catch chicks this year from my chickens apart from....
    1. I am not allowed to bring them indoors because my brother is allergic to them
    2.I am scared if my brothers chicken kills them
    3.I don't know if my chickens will be broody enough

    Can you also help how to make my hens go broody thank you
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    Pecking and feather picking most often occur because of too little space, or too little protein in the diet. Chickens will also attack a member of the flock thet they perceive to be sick or injured. Broodiness is a hormonal change, and there is not a reliable way to "make" them go broody..
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