High Heat and Eggs

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    It's been above 90 degrees these last few days and wondering what impact that temperature will have on the eggs laid during that period. I typically place them after laid in a wire basket in a corner of the coop. Some have been out there for several days. It's shady but the temps have been in the 90s for a few hours these last four days. Thoughts?
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    Hi! In high temperatures, you're going to want to collect the eggs more frequently and bring them inside because they will spoil quicker. For the eggs that have been outside for a few days, you may want to do the water test to see whether they are spoiled or not. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Best to bring them into the house at least daily.
    Higher temps do degrade 'freshness'.

    The water float test will not detect spoilage, only age of egg.
    An egg loses moisture with age and conditions, the air cell size increases and it will more readily float.
    When in doubt of spoilage, break egg into a separate dish instead of pan or recipe, and sniff.
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