High humidity in incubator

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    Apr 29, 2016
    I have always heard not to open the incubator while hatching because it will lose humidity and shrink wrap the Un-hatched chicks.

    Here's my problem...I have a hovabator and it currently has about 40 eggs inside. Once they start hatching, my humidity will hit 90-100%! Isn't that too high? I've heard they can drown if it's too high. I have the vents open but it doesn't matter. It stays high.

    I have tried in past hatches to wait and only open the incubator once a day to remove chicks, but now wonder what is best. Should I open the incubator to let out some humidity or leave it until they hatch? The humidity is correct when I got to lockdown...it just increases with the chicks.

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    Hatching humidity doesn't drown chicks. High humidity during incubation resulting in the egg not loosing enough moisture drowns chicks.
    I up my humidity to about 75% for hatch and if my chicks are popping like popcorn the humidity will often rise to 85-90%, however, I'm a meddler who opens my bator during hatch so the high humidity doesn't usually stay that high for an extended period of time. Chicks won't fluff up with the humidity that high either. I wouldn't think breathing in air that moist would benefit the chicks respiratory system much for an extended period. I'd let some of the hudmidity out personally, but like I said, I have no problems opening my bator during hatch.

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