High School for the irregular: Arwen High~ RP~ Players needed! See Staff Notes in the "Rules"

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  1. 2021 PLOT
    "were getting bombed heavily, we can't hold the fort! retreat, run! Run! Get out of-" ________________________________________
    "We've lost contact Sargent..."
    "Activate Plan Beta0279."
    Women scream for their children, running onto a big ship, hustled by men in black and guns, war, so much war, what's happening?
    "what's going on?"
    "Earth is being evacuated, its no longer inhabitable..." Screams of a creature so horrid, blood, claws, no, please, help me... 'screams from pain'
    79 years later......
    "Beta0279 has landed! we've landed!" Cheers from all over. People unload, waterfalls, life, different animals, whats going on. We've found a new planet, but, it's not possible.... Its Zaphron, the planet of redemption. I made it, i made it.

    700 years later........
    Well, hi there! Welcome to the High school for the Irregular, Arwen High! You must be a new student, well let me fill you in on our history here at Arwen High. About 500 years ago, a human being was born abnormal, this human being resembled something from fairy tales, an elf. we called it an Dryas, and the Dryas grew up to be one of the smartest people here on planet Zaphron. Before you knew it, many children were being born abnormal, and their mothers being picky, they were put in an orphanage. They all resembled that of an elf, or even a dwarf which we call Pumilio, or something we have come to call as a Ostensor Vitae, meaning bringer of life, a human base but with a different color of skin and elf features. With these races, came love and warmth, but they were misunderstood by the people whom they lived around, and they became afraid, and the fear caused the abnormal's to give birth to evil creatures, which brought great despair and suffering to their mothers.So as you can imagine, you've got yourself a living fairy tale, with the'bad guys' and all. The Lux in Tenebrae, meaning light into darkness, only seek to bring darkness through the mind, and corrupt any happiness, for that is what they were born from. That's why Arwen High was created, its a high school for all of the Irregulars born, a place where they fit in. One day when you graduate, the academy will send you off to eitherr hunt down the Lux in Tenebrae or become a scholar, and try to help bring the planet Earth back to us. Well that covers it, so, heres your schedule you better get going now, you wouldn't want to be late.....

    - All BYC rules apply
    - Any arguments must be taken to the pm's, its just spamming to me.
    - Ask a character before you hurt or harm them in any way
    - I'm in charge, but im not going to wave that in your face, treat me like a normal Rp'er
    - No swearing at all, censor it. Censoring profanity is against BYC rules. Please do not do this. Thanks ~Staff
    - Keep it PG- PG13 All content should be suitable for ALL ages. ~Staff
    - You can have as much charries as you'd like, but play them all. If there inactive, i'll just ask you to remove it or keep playing it.
    - If you read the rule put your favorite movie in the 'other' section.
    - If you want something exciting to happen give me an idea, or just tell me and i'll do something.
    - Be semi-realistic, considering its like 100 years into the future, but still, maintain yourself.
    - Nobody is invincible.
    - Please have fun, and enjoy yourself! [​IMG]

    -Ostensor Vitae (bringers of love laughter and life.) Must say what color your skin is too!
    -Lux in Tenebrae (dark elves)
    -Dryas(elves of life)

    Character Form:
    Student or Teacher:

    Member Page:
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  6. Name: Teressa (Tessa or Tess)
    Age: 17
    Gender: F
    Race: Dryas!
    Crush: nope!
    Student or Teacher: student, of course! xD
    History(optional): both her parents died when she was eight in an 'accident.' She was put in one foster home after another until an older childless couple adopted her at 12. Has been with them ever since.
    Personality: bubbly, outgoing, odd/weird, totally doesn't mind being called weird or sticking out like a sore thumb, can be scary when angry, has a bad temper, always tries to brighten the mood, awkward sense of humor. Loves to read, run, climb trees and draw abstract drawings (shading and all.) Is brutally honest, though not hurt fully so, corky, has a good sense of humor (can laugh at a joke of herself.) doesn't like to be the center of attention, but will not hold back her opinion of something, although she keeps things light. Likes to play innocent pranks all the time.
    Pic/Appearance: dark red-ish mahogany colored hair that is naturally VERY curly and reaches a few inches past her shoulders; bright, electric blue eyes; light sprinkle of freckles across her nose; pale-ish peach skin; 5'11" tall; very athletic and strong; pointed ears;
    Username: MollyBrownROX13
    Other: Big Hero 6 or How to Train Your Dragon 2!!!
    Has been best friends with Kyra for over 6 years. Is trying to teach her to shade, but so far, it hasn't worked out.
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  8. (Sweet!)
  9. Name: Jonathan Bussler
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Crush: Uh, no...
    Student or Teacher: Teacher
    History: He fully supported the idea of Arwen High, and thus became one of their teachers, although he was a human and not one of the new races. He's been a teacher for about fifteen years, now.
    Personality: Kind and accepting, and loves his job. He's always treated his students as equals.
    Username: Mantha8225
    Other: HTTYD2
  10. Name: Holly Short
    Gender: Female
    Race: Pumilo
    Crush: ...boys?(there aren't even any boys to crush on!!!!)
    Student or Teacher:
    Personality: Shy, kind, and reserved, but once she gets to know you, she stars to show her real, kind of crazy self!
    Pic/Appearance: She definitely lives up to her last name
    Username: Mantha8225
    Other: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special (yes it's technically a movie!!)
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