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    My 5wk old White Chinese Goslings have been free ranging with all my muscovy ducklings since they all started living together outside. They are so good about keeping an eye on tham and staying with them already. Izzy will 'guard' the outside and Owen will hang out in the middle with the ducklings (the little bum, lol).

    Well yesterday I let the big ducks out after i let the babies out and the adults followed me to get some treats. WELL, Izzy apparently thought they got just too close to Her babies and she immediately took on Sidney, my Blue Drake, then Angus, my Chocolate Drake and then a couple girls!!

    My God!! I almost peed my pants!! I was just about rolling on the ground laughing! this little girls is a spitfire, i would have never imagined i would see a little 5 week old gosling take on 2 full grown Muscovy drakes and some girls and WIN!! boy those adults didn't get too close after that [​IMG]
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    I hate to be the one to make this suggestion . . .

    Owen might be female and Izzy a gander. Just by the behavior. Geese are pretty traditional that way.

    I got my sexed pair from Holderreads mixed around from the get go. My little female was SO affectionate, curious, begged for attention. Was snarky with her brother, who hung back. Who suddenly seemed a little . . . smaller. Definitely less in my face. Not intent at all on pwning the turkeys and chicks they sometimes shared the yard with. That was his sister's job.

    I had about a week of genuine anguish reorienting from Petey Girl actually being a Petey Boy, and vice versa.

    That said, geese establishing themselves among the rest of the poultry is definitely something to wear a Serenity pad for [​IMG]

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