Hit by Car-Broken foot

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10 Years
Aug 17, 2011
Cleveland, Tx
Just found one of my BR pullets that was hit by a car. She seems to be ok other than her foot is broken. I've been a vet teck for 20 years, but have never had to bandage or slpint a chicken. Any advise? I know I can give her aspirin in her water for pain, but that is really the extent of my chicken medicating knowledge. Help!!
coban or coadhesive works well and I will cut plastic dishes and wrap them with tape to use as make shift splint. Usually 3 wks to keep it immobile will heal
Thanks for the response. I had already splinted it before I saw your comment. I basically winged it. I used a card board platform to stablilize her foot and two pices on top and bottom of her ankle to hold the joint immobile. I cleaned her foot and sprayed it with Vetericyn, then wrapped it in gause. I then placed the platform under her foot with the toes spread but straight and used the two straight pieces and wrapped it all on with more gause and strips of t-shirt. I then wrapped it with vetwrap. The wrappings go from her toes to he hock joint. Her ankle was very crunchy so I hope that it will heal. She's young and has yet to lay. I hope it heals and she can get back to the flock in a few weeks.

This is what I used and the end result.


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