HIYA heard there was good changes so i relisted again


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Jan 8, 2012
i am not a new member but again i am, i was here for a few years before and just got tired of the fighting, new changes have been made from what i was told thought i would try again. i'm a old farmer by trade ...We express the low budget of raising and the actually hand on work needed to cut the cost. We have a 160 acre crop field that contains 15 acres of our quail,geese,guineas,turekys,chickens,pheasants,bob whites, and etc...
along with crops we harvest for fed..
from Oklahoma, and
back. That's a lot of farming and birds!!!! I'm trying to be more self sufficient, but on a much smaller scale.
We live in a small town and are attempting to raise our own food on just less then one acre total yard space.
it takes a few yrs to set as you like but we take in alot of wildlife and send them back out after they mend , i stress alot to many that the cost they place in some of their coops and feed and sorts is really not nessary we been farming 30 yrs. and dont come close to the cost most ppl place out on caring for their birds
but stick with it you will get there
tHANK YOU goldensparrow! LOVELY NAME:)

Thank you, so when you said wild life, is it just birds? or do you help other wild life as well?​
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well we have no wildlife rehab here im the only one with the room to spare mostly deer,wild turkeys ,ducks etc...they have a vet that comes to provide health we up keep and fed them til they are able to be sent back to their own environment.

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