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    Mar 2, 2014
    Hey everybody! My sister has always hatched chickens but my interest arose when our duck stole a hens nest and hatched a chick. I took the chick because the duck could care for it properly. I raised her up and then put her out with a red star and some silkies, and her mother duck. However, I wanted more chickens, so I fixed up the old goat yard. Also, I picked up some dark brahma chicks from TSC last year. They free roam the yard. The reason the others are penned is because my sister has a little menace dog who would catch the duck and silkies easily. I put the ones from the coop in the pen but the brahmas wouldn't stay in. We also have a few rir and other mixes running free. The rooster can jump in and attacks the silkie rooster. How do I keep the brahmas in, and keep the roosters from fighting? Sorry it's long, and sorry if it's unclear.
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    First. Of. All.

    Welcome to the best chicken forum on the internet!

    And this is in the wrong section, but I will answer your questions anyways.

    Second, in my rooster experience, if the roosters are fighting they will not resolve the problem until one of the two is mentally crushed and/or killed. Sounds cruel, but is the truth. So the only way to fix that is separating them or getting rid of one. Either way they have to be separated if you want the fighting to stop.

    Or they could duke it out - but I wouldn't recommend that.

    If the Brahma's are not staying in, then they have found a way out. I would suggest finding how they are getting out, then fix it. Most likely they could be flying out - you could buy some PVC, tie it to posts, and purchase some cheap netting to string around the top. Because of the PVC tied to fence posts you can make it as tall as you need it. Thats a cheap and junky looking solution. [​IMG] But its worked for me on several occasions (I've had luck with it and deer in gardens).

    So wherever your chickens get out, fix it up good, so you can keep them where you want them. Sometimes just getting rid of all the patches and building new stuff is worth consideration.
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    Mar 2, 2014
    Oh, sorry bout that.

    Anyways, I know they will kill each other, I was just checking for a solution. Our roosters only fight when penned. I know they ae flying ouy, all our larger chickens and hens do it. Can I clip wings? Thanks for your fast reply! [​IMG]
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    Hi! Thanks for the link. Checked it out. Will clip wings when I can. :D
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    [​IMG] Some chickens are still able to fly after wing clipping. There are some who think clipping just one wing is better because it throws the bird off balance. For myself, I would rather rely on runs with a permanent top.

    Also check for anything the rooster, etc. can be using as a step up, to help him get over the fence- usually heavy breeds can't get manage lift off on their own.
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    There is nothing to jump on. I have actually seen our roos jump easily.
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    Good luck with your flock. I hope you get this resolved soon.

    Welcome to BYC and it is great to have you aboard!
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    Welcome to BYC. Have you considered putting a top on your pen?
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