hmmm... still waiting for an egg...


10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
i have a silkie and a white crested black polish that i got the first week of april. no egg. not one. not even a crow. id be much happier with an egg than a crow. but both have every characteristic of a hen, small combs, big "poofs" on top of their heads... please give me an idea of when i could possibly just maybe get an egg from them. i know that silkies and polish are not the best layers but they are 28 weeks old!!! ARGH
Hmmm...see if you can have someone who tells the sex of a chicken to be sure. They should be laying at 24 weeks, so I am told.
thats what makes it odd. i had a guy from the board of animal health come out and blood test my flock so i could sell eggs NPIP tested and approved and he said i was right that all of my "hens" were hens and i only have one rooster... im stumped
I don't have those breeds but my Barred Rocks waited until they were 24-27 weeks old to lay, my RIRs started at 25 weeks, my Buff Orpingtons were 27 weeks old, my Ameraucanas are 29weeks old and my EE are 25weeks old and NOT one egg yet....

I was told 20 weeks, then I started reading on here and other forums and I came to the conclusion that 20 weeks and earlier are a rarity except for the hybirds--sexlink type breed for egg production!! It seems more like the average chickens are around 24-28 weeks old and it seems like there are several breeds that are 30+ weeks old before they lay..

Good luck...
Last year I bought a pullet in June, was supposed to be about 3 months old. Didn't start laying till the second week of December.
Sorry, I know not what you wanted to hear.


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