hmmmm am i missing something?!

Haha, all domestic breeds of duck except the muscovy are derived from mallards. Selective breeding has allowed us to produce lots of shapes, sizes and colours from just one species
Well, ALL "domestic" duck breeds except for Muscovies and possibly the Black Cayuga are descended from mallards, but I'd say basically, this person just doesn't know the terminology well.

To me, if you said "domestic mallard" I would take that to mean captive raised and bred wild strain mallards that would mature at 3-4 pounds and be fully able to fly - genetically the same as the pure wild birds found in nature, just raised in captivity.

Versus a Rouen which is the product of intentional selective breeding by man for size and meat quality, weighs between 6 and 12 pounds, depending upon the strain, and is essentially flightless or can take only very short flights due to its body mass.
Am I missing something? What makes them so special to be priced at $7.50 each?! Full grown ones aren't worth that much!

and yes around here Rouens are often called domesticated Mallards or Giant Mallards. A lot of the old timers don't know what a Rouen is (or even how to pronounce it for that matter) and call all ducks with mallard coloring Mallards of some sort.
idk maybe i am reading it funny cuz i know i have a weird brain but that just sounds weird to me.. i know where they come from.. they all come from mallards and scovies are different but i guess i read that as like rouens were only called domesticated mallards instead of a bigger mallard clone with 2 stripes instead of one.. idk i have a weird brain. idk about ya'll but my "domesticated" mallards are still pretty wild. they aren't as tame as my scovies

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