Hoarding hen or rodent behavior?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Buttercup902, Oct 19, 2015.

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    So I am newer to chickens. I got my first ones in May. Of the 7 only 1 is laying and started in the last week. She has laid her egg in the boxes every time. Well a few days ago I noticed a bunch of feathers, and straw with poop moved into the box. So I dug that all out and found food pellets in the laying box. At first I thought the hen but now I am leaning towards rodent.

    What do I do? We fixed some gaps in wire where something small could get in, but there is a chance they are living under the front step.mouse trap? poison?

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    Trap if you put poison you might kill your birds. As chickens will eat a dead mouse they could get poisoned if the mouse was poison and they would try to eat said poison as well. A live trap or snap trap is your safes bet honestly.
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    I'd use the trap. Even if you put poison outside the coop the rodents could easily take it indoors to be stored-and then be eaten by a chicken. When I want to "Trap" mice I take a bucket half filled with water, pour feed on top to cover the water, and place a board against the pail to be used as a ramp. When the mice jump in to get the feed they drown.
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    Yep, rodent hoarding...bucket traps work good.....any trap needs to be fenced off so bird cannot access them.
    Snap traps can be kept in shoeboxes with small holes for mouse access.

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