Hoarse/wheezing roo


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
North of Dallas, TX
I have a three year old Americanna Roo that had starting wheezing about 4 weeks ago. Three days after I located the one wheezing we went to a vet that gave an injuction of Baytril then we did 10 days of oral. No better so changed meds to Doxycycline for 10 days with Benidril still no change. He wheezing and sometimes his comb will turn shades of blue like he cant get enough air. He eats/drinks poop normal. I have 35 birds and no one else has come down with anything at all. The last few days he has been so depressed that he is not even getting up to drink just stays in one spot. Finished the last of the meds last night and put him out this morning because no one else has shoed signs of anything and thought that he needed cheering up. He was very happy to see his girls and they him and he got right down to business. After checking him many, many times today he is acting normal but a few times his comb has been shades of blue and the wheezing is still there but normal otherwise - not too surewhatto do at this point. Jut let him last as long as he can - he seems happy now or is there something that I am missing?

Thanks for all the input!
Well, Joe seems to be a little bit better this morning but is still wheezing and still can't crow but is doing the normal Roo thing with his girls. I can't seem to find anything wrong. Did check the mouth and throat last night and nothing that I could see. Any ideas of what I might be able to try next?

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