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    Jul 11, 2011
    I have a Rhode Island Red that's probably about 3 years old and is having trouble walking. She seems still somewhat perky, if you will. She's not blah or droopy or anything. She just can't walk very far. She's not laid eggs in a long time so she's not egg bound. She stays in the coop and just laying there. However, if I go in to see her, she gets up and hobbles away. I've been giving her some Vitamin B the last couple days. Does anybody have an idea as to what this may be?
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    Aug 23, 2014
    Not that I'm an authority by any stretch of the imagination but, I guess my first question would be... If "she's not laid eggs in a long time".... Why would the possibility of being egg bound be dismissed? Not that I've ever dealt with it, but it seems that the term "egg bound" would indicate, no eggs...??? Maybe she's beginning a molt... Mine seem to exhibit a bit of malaise just prior to molting.
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    She could be suffering from egg yolk peritonitis or internal laying which can be common in older hens. Pick her up and feel her breastbone to see if she has lost weight. Is her lower abdomen swollen? It is common for hens with these problems to hobble around like a penguin, or prefer to sit. Antibiotics may be useful to help treat infection, but many will eventually become very uncomfortable, and need to be put down. Here is some info to help you decide if it could be this:

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