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    Harry is currently in his 4th year.

    The Hogwarts Express pulls into platform 9 3/4. You wheel your trunk and owl, cat or toad towards the train. You load on your baggage. You walk to a carriage and open the door.
    As you walk down the corridor you see some nice-looking first years. "Can I sit here?" you ask.

    "Sure," one replies. For the rest of the trip you talk about your first year at Hogwarts. You arrive at Hogsmeade station and are greeted by Hagrid.
    "First 'ears follow meh," Hagrid booms. He leads you to the boats to cross The Black Lake. You hop in a boat with your friends from before. The castle looms above you. You go through the tunnel under the school until you reach Professor McGonagall.
    "You will now be sorted,"
    she announces.

    Hogsmeade weekends are the first weekend of every month.

    1. If you don't like Harry Potter don't go on.
    2. Have fun, but stay on topic.
    3. Fill out the form correctly.
    4. Have fun!

    Signing form:
    Favourite subject:
    Favourite passtime:

    BYC Username:

    The Great Hall: a beautiful hall, the ceiling bewitched to mimic the night sky. It has four house tables, and it where Hogwarts holds breakfast, lunch, dinner, festive celebrations, the House Cup announcement place, owl delievery mail arrives here.

    Dormitories: a place where students sleep, 5 people to a room.

    Owlery: a place where owls are kept, high up in the castle.

    Common Rooms: a place where students can hang out, study, and chat amongst friends. There are four common rooms, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

    Tranfiguration Classroom: a class taught by Prof. Minerva McGonagall. a class where you learn how to tranfigure needles all the way up to animals and people.

    Potions Classroom: in the dugeon taught be Prof. Severus Snape. Cold, dark and damp.

    Divination Classroom: A class up in the high towers of Hogwarts. Is taught be Prof. Sybil Trelawny. Often smells of heavy perfume. Teapots and teacups dotted around the room. Small tables that seat 3 people dotted all around the classroom, that students sit at and interperate the future.

    Defence Against The Dark Arts: There is a curse so that the DADA teacher changes each year. The teacher is currently Remus Lupin. Students taught how to defend themselves against dark forces and animals.

    Charms Classroom: taught by Prof. Filius Flitwick. Students are taught charms like Repairo, Alohomora, Wingardium Leviosa...etc.



    Iva Moy has long curly red hair, pale skin and amber eyes. Her favourite subject is potions. Shes slightly snobby, but can be nice. She is a pure blood. She is also Ron's cousin, and they are ememies. Her patronous is a fox.(NixNoodleNumbat)


    Larna Clearing has long dark brown hair, tanned skin and sparkly green eyes. She's the seeker for the Gryffindor team and the Quidditch Captain. Her favourite subject is Defence against the Dark Arts. She enjoys exploring the castle and grounds and uncovering its secrets. She's a straight A student, but that dosnt reflect her personality. She's really brave and kind to everyone. She doesnt have any friends apart from Ginny and Hermione. She likes using magic heaps. Her protronus is a marten.(therosehedge)

    Charlotte Greengrass is of Average height, slim, long dark, dark brown hair, crisp, mysterious blue eyes, light freckles. She's in Gryffindor.Very kind, yet very brave and strong, slightly mysterious. Her favourite subject DADA (defence against the dark arts). Her favourite passtime hanging around the castle with and without her friends(mainly without). Just to let you know, she isn't just some romantic fool, and her patronous is an Eagle.(chickendiva25)

    Lucy Smith is a Prefect of Gryffindor. She has long, straight dark brown hair, average height and wears glasses.
    Her personality nice and bubbly, true to her friends. Her favourite subject Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them. Her favourite passtime is hanging out with her best friends and practicing enchantments
    She excels in class, a member of Dumbledore's Army, friend with Hermionie, Ginny and Luna.

    Taube has blond, long hair, with radiating green eyes. Her personality is Bubbly. Her favourite subject is Charms. Her favourite passtime is reading.(EE lover:))

    Sylvia B. Fae (often referred to as 'Sylvie' by friend) is one of the few witches, or, witches-in-training, that can be trusted in Hogwarts, because of her knowledge of the darker magics. Long, wavy hair that is black at the base and blends to brown at the ends, which reaches the end of her spine, with naturally spiraling hair that frames her face. Her calm eyes are a rich olive green and contrast to her pale face, and her build is average, but her size is petite. She often wears a silk scarf in the colors representing her House.She enjoys the company of others, yet she thrives on silence. She does her work well and will take as much time as required to make sure that it is perfect. She enjoys helping and bringing a smile to others' faces. She is easy-going, calm, and rather quiet, and often isn't much for conversation unless someone else begins the discussion, or something is weighing heavily on her mind. She can seem rather mysterious to some. Reading, and practicing her spells. She has a hunger for learning.She has a very powerful wand. It doesn't seem very fancy, because it is a mere tree branch that was trimmed of it's brambles and polished.(BirdNut)

    Ethan P. Crow is average in build, but somewhat lanky. He has black hair that curls slightly, rather thick eybrows, and a pale, very lightly freckled face. He wears a pair of glasses. Smart, but lacking in social skills, so he often stutters and sometimes he makes a fool of himself. He loves all subjucts. He spends most of his day at the Library. He is often teased by his piers for being a 'nerd', and he is good friends with Sylvia. Thick British accent.(If you own him, let me know)

    Lirio has blonde Hair with color-changing tips, one eye is Sapphire, the other is Emerald Green, she always has a backpack like an Irken PAK with her. She is cynical, but can be nice when you're her friend. Her favourite subject is Charms. She enjoys wandering around aimlessly, and playing Harvest Moon. She's extremely smart(EE Lover:))

    Bailey has short blonde hair, blue eyes, average height, very skinny, but musclar. She is funny, sweet, loves to joke, but is serious when needed. Likes Charlotte, but she doesn't know(yet).(EE lover:))

    Evelyn has slightly wavy sunkissed brown hair with natural highlights. She has thick lashes and a small round nose, that she thinks is rather unfortunate.She is hilarious, loud, outgoing and the last person you would want to get in a fight with.She is a very social person with a lot of friends. Evelyn will be friends with almost anyone. She is in her third year at Hogwarts, but is quite knowledgeable about the castle. Her favourite subjects are transfiguration, which she is very good at.(equinehugger3)

    Joseph is of average weight, has ear length brown hair, and has chocolate brown eyes. Different, but cool, is kind, but has somewhat of a short temper. Knows nothing of the muggle world, so he is entrigued with the fact that Taube lives in it, so he likes to hang around her alot and ask her questions(EE lover:))

    Til(pronounced TEEL) has brown hair. He has one purple eye and one green eye. He is muscular, though nobody really notices. He is nice, but a little conceited. He likes music, and will pester anyone who gets on his nerves until they stop acting like them around him. He likes Taube.(EE lover:))

    Brendan has sandy blonde hair, purple eyes, average in about everything else appearance-wise. Shy, but can be a little nice when he's friends with you. Still average. Is growing his hair out to cover his eyes, as he faces much mirth from his eye color.(EE lover:))


    Justice Moridance is a prefect who is also on quidditch team. She is tall, blonde and skinny. She wears a skirt with her uniform often. Kinda popular,kinda a loner. She has an amazing voice but doesnt like to use it, because she is afraid that someone will make fun of her. Her favourite subject is transfiguration. Her favourite passtime is wizards chess. She is the seeker for hufflepuff quidditch team. Her protronus is a butterfly. She is muggleborn.(Does anyone know who owns her?)


    Chelsea has blue eyes and shoulder-length straight brown hair. She likes to wear yellow shirts with blue jeans, orange vests, and a red bandanna over her hair. She is highly irritable. Her favourite subject is DADA. Her favourite passtimes are pestering Ponii, playing Harvest Moon. She can read minds.(EElover:))

    Ponii has violet eyes. She wears her red hair up in a ponytail that splits at the base. She likes to be secluded. Her favourite passtimes are ignoring annoying people and playing Harvest Moon. She can speak ten different languages including German, French, and Spanish.(EElover:))
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    Wow, wait until EE finds out! [​IMG]
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    Charlotte whistled a random song while doodling in a notebook.
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    (I can live with that. But: Bailey and Joseph are chickendiva's, not mine. And, if you don't mind, shouldn't there be a deceased list? For Lirio, Ponii, and Chelsea, anyway.)
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    Taube absentmindedly wrote in her notebook. As she wrote, Til proceeded to take notes on her.

    Notices EVERYTHING. He set down his quill and began to stare at her through the corner of his eye.
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    Charlotte absent mindedly petted Tigris's head, which was rested on her lap. Charlotte read a book she had recently gotten from her parents.
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    Taube stopped writing and looked over at Til. "Yes?" She immediatly regretted her decision in view of the fact that she had liked the quiet. She mentally facepalmed. Til simply averted his gaze. "Nothing." He said quietly.
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    Taube, in view of the silence, thought that the silence was wonderful. But then her mind wandered off... she didn't know why, but suddenly she felt like it was a premonition. She shook her head and pulled the hood of her hoodie up.
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    Tigris yawned loudly, and licked her lips.
    Charlotte pet Tirgis's head again, flipping through her book.
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    Taube tightened her straps on her hood and stuck her hands in her pockets, looking over at Til. She smiled small-ly at him. He nodded and looked back out the window. She proceeded to sit and watch a branch that extended to the window.

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