Holderread ducklings, help tell me which is which.


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
Northern Wisconsin
This is my first holderread bunch and I cant tell what each one is. I ordered 2 silver appleyard 2 Saxony 2 golden cascade and 6 runners (assorted). also included were 2 harlebells. I think they are harlequin x Campbell by the name.

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I am totally guessing based off images I have seen.

I think pictures 3 and 5 are Saxony.
Picture 6 a harlebell
Pictures 8 and 12 golden cascades

Really, I think you will have to wait until they get a bit older and the body style changes or feathers start to come in. We will be in the same boat soon. We ordered saxony, silver appleyard, and welsh which the ducklings look similar. Have fun with your new additions and Congrats!
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