Holding out?

my first peepers

11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
South Western VT
I have three girls, 19 weeks. One is very red, comb has gotten bigger than the other girls (I know she is a pullet, not roo). She does the squat and today my daughter saw the rooster "get on top of her". So shouldn't she be laying? Or does this mean she is about to? She has NO interest in the nesting box and is kind of a loner. Should I keep waiting or start checking the bushes?
our 4 pullets(two red stars and two buff orps) aren't laying either right now.
They are at 16-17 months old now. Still no eggs!
They are red in the face too, but don't seem interested in the nest boxes either.

Not sure why they are taking sooo long, but good luck!

What breed are your pullets?
Do you have a pen? I look the bushes period when they were out free range. Then I learned to keep them in until 10 am and they kept their minds on production...not running, eating and bugs.
If the roo is doing his job, then the time should be close. Hope someone answers you soon! Don't give up!
Thanks Spook> They do have a run but they are only in it when we are not home, otherwise they are in the yard. Should I keep them in later in the morning? There is only one who seems ready, i.e. really red and larger comb than the other girls.

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