Holdread SQ line/ Ducks and Geese, eggs.

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    Feb 17, 2009
    North Georgia
    Just hatched ! Rare Breed: Shetland Goslings available. 4 +?)Can possibly ship in a couple weeks, otherwise pickup in N. Ga.50$ each.
    Saxony, Holderread offspring from SQB.35$ pairs.
    Runners, Penciled , from Holderreads SQB. 20 $ each
    Dutch Hookbill Bibbed Dusky only. pairs only. 35$ pair. (extra drakes 15$)
    Mini Silkie Ducks: Mallard coloring. Some mixed colors/ mallard drakes (showing other colors, possibly chocolate or black? ) with some silkie feathers showing. All silkies 30$ or 50$ pair.( mostly silkie feathers showing , a few smooth, carrying silkie gene for hatchability.)
    Does not include Shipping and special shipping box! those costs are quite high due to Government and Postal regulations. (which can run 65$ on up -2 day express)
    No shipping to Washington state or Virginia or Ca.
    photos can be emailed or messaged from my phone of actual birds.
    Contact for Hatching eggs.... Saxony, Penciled Runner, Grey (Mallard color) Runner. Bibbed Dusky Dutch Hookbill. 3 $ each plus shipping.
    Also one or two pair of Rare Shetland Geese. (10 lb average) Gandars white/ geese grey and white saddleback) 125/$ plus shipping or pickup in North Ga. area.
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    Hi do you still have the dutch hookbill and the way you worded it i think you said you had runners can you send me some pics? Thanks

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