Hole or thinning in Australorp beak! What do I do?

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Apr 5, 2020
Portland, OR
I noticed Moira, my Australorp, has an injury to her beak and I have no idea what caused it, what I should do, and how worried I should be. It's kind of like the top layers on the left side of her beak peeled away in a spot. Her beak is intact, and the hole does not go through, and does not appear to be getting worse. I've read in some places to super glue some tea bag to her beak, but in others that it is toxic and dangerous. She is 100% acting fine, not a care in the world. My concern is if it gets worse, or if it grows out, and completely splits off, and well that seems like doom...but maybe someone has also seen or had this happen and it grows out ok?



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Nov 9, 2019
God's Country, Az
Hmm, quite the pickle. You just need to make sure it doesn't get worse until the beak grows out. I've heard the teabag paper thing for split nails, beaks are the same thing. Super glue dries quickly and as long as you aren't slathering it on their, I don't think it will hurt her. Maybe look into products for repairing horse hooves.


Sep 26, 2021
Hi, can you give us an update on her beak condition? I have been browsing “beak” posts, because my Australorp has an injury that looks just like that. Did anything work? Did it cause problems later? Thanks!

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