Holiday Chicken Blocks Swap---IN THE MAIL!!!


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I don't believe I'm doing this, but here we go again.

This swap is based on the 12 1/2inch Chicken blocks at Designs.html and a bunch of crazy quilters that thought Holiday/Christmas chickens would be a great quilt.

Fabric: All fabrics used should be 100% cotton, very nice quality quilt appropriate fabrics. No flimsy fabrics, please. FABRICS MUST BE PREWASHED PRIOR TO USING. <---please don't let this stop you from signing up.

Colors: Holiday/Christmas prints and colors

Block Pattern: Choose one of the 12 1/2 inch chicken blocks from Designs.html (You can sign up for more than 1 slot or pattern)

Number of blocks: 12

Sign Up Deadline: September 1, 2010.

Blocks due to me: November 1, 2010. Blocks will be swapped and mailed out asap after all are received. I will only wait 5 days for stragglers.

Mailing: When you mail your blocks to me, be sure to INCLUDE INSIDE a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with your address in both the From and To slots with the EXACT same amount of postage as it costs you to send them to me. If your packages do not have the appropriate postage, I will "return to sender". Blocks and SASE should be able to fit in a small flat rate Priorty Mail Envelope--I believe the stamp is $4.95. Be sure to get 2 stamps. 1 for sending to me. 1 for sending back to you. (2 sets will easily fit)

Please post here if you would like to join. As well as posting here, please PM me with your email addy, so I can keep the addy information for this swap.

If I missed anything, please feel free to slap mean ask me!!! (this is Acres line not mine, lol)


Disclaimer:::: This swap is not endorsed by BYC (owner, website, staff, etc.). The BYC Staff is not responsible and will not mediate if something goes "wrong" or a deal goes "bad". If you choose to participate in a swap, it is best to know who you are swapping with and not to swap more than you can afford to lose.

THANK YOU BYC STAFF FOR LETTING US TO CONTINUE OUR QUILTING SWAPS!! We have had great fun with this in the past and want to continue doing so!!

3 participants for each Pattern (Bold Print mean the pattern is still available)

Chubby Cluck--1 Toi-toir--- RECEIVED 2 Tonya--- RECEIVED
Broody--1 Tabby---RECEIVED 2 Leepsy--- RECEIVED
Rooster--- 1Equine 2 Lunachick--RECEIVED 3 Sewingca-RECEIVED
Layin---1 Golden---RECEIVED
Chunky---1 schmmems 2Little Sis---RECEIVEDShorty---1 Tonya--- RECEIVED
Eggbert--- 1Coyote---Eyeballs going on in the am!!!
Chicken & Stars--- 1 Schmmems 2 Tabby --RECEIVED 3 Muffin- RECEIVED
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I'm not in yet, but I'm chuckling because I envisioned sticking santa hats and reindeer antlers on the already existing patterns instead of using holiday fabrics...silly girl! Your way will be MUCH better!


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