Holy cow! An egg inside an egg!


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Jun 7, 2011
Ok, so my youngest chickens (hatched in March 2012) had been laying regularly and then kind of stopped. I think they might have gotten sick, perhaps IB? They have a rattly sounding cough and are kind of hoarse when they try talking. My chickens got sick last year, and after all the research I have done though it was IB. Now, they have started back up laying with the exception of my two Marans that I got from a breeder.

A few days ago, I found a giant soft shelled egg, which had been broken open and inside of it was a normal sized egg, which had also gotten broken. It is from one of my Marans because the inner egg was a darker brown color so I was able to identify it. I brought it in to the house and rinsed it out and saved it because it intrigued me. Today, I found the mother of all eggs inside the coop and it was fully in tact. It must weigh a pound and it is giant!! It measures about 4 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. I can tell it is from the same Marans. Tomorrow my other crazy chicken lady friend is coming over to take video footage of me cracking it open to find out if there is also a fully intact egg inside of it.

Has anyone ever had any experience like this before? I have attached a few pictures for you to see. The broken egg on the left in the top two pictures is the soft shelled egg with the egg that had formed inside of it. It is harder now that I rinsed it and it has dried out.

Can't wait to hear your input! Stay tuned for a link to the video on YouTube!!

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have had the soft shelled eggs - none with another inside. And I have had two eggs about the size of yours - depending on how tall you are and how big your hands are .

But my big ones were double yokers but no double shellers! :) I can't wait to see the video!!!!

My hand is 6.5 inches long, base of palm to tip of middle finger. Yes, I have had soft shelled eggs before too and some big double yolkers, but NEVER double eggers! Can't wait to get the weight of this egg (my friend borrowed my kitchen scale) and find out if there is an egg inside of it!!

Thanks for your input!

Stay tuned!!!
WOW - I adopted a 3-yr old Marans who was being let go due to her decreasing egg production. Turns out she lays about 3 eggs a week, and they are always huge, and usually double-yolk. One was well over the size of the palm of my hand...and I felt bad thinking about her laying it...yikes!

But no soft shells, or "double eggs" - can't wait to see more on this!
I feel the same way, poor girl!!! I'll try to upload video tomorrow!! :eek:) Thanks for sharing your experience!
It was in fact a double egger! I am uploading a video right now on YouTube but I have satellite so my internet is VERY slow. I will share the link as soon as it is done. Here is a picture of the egg on the scale, it weighed 6.35 ounces without the dime, and one with the outer shell and the inner egg. Poor little Marans having to lay such a MASSIVE egg!!


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